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* until a few years ago, home elevators were still viewed as a luxury. As our population ages and living costs rise, however, homeowners are turning, to home elevators as a solution to mobility issues as well as to provide easier

access in their homes.

* specifications :- 

                  1 * available with gearless traction machines ( MRL ) system , and hydraulic system .

                  2 * steel structure shaft finishes with glass .

                  3 * without bit ( only 200 mm ) , over head 3000 mm .

                 4 *  quick and easy installations .

               5 *  less energy consumption . 


About Us

Our company "ARCO" was founded in 1991 and is currently one of theleading supplier in elevator & escalator spare parts at Saudi Arabia. All our products presents innovating technical features and good quality / price relationship. Most of our products are exported to several countries worldwide. We have branch offices and distributors in Jordan, Egypt & Lebanon.